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Phoca SEF component version 1.0.0 beta was released. This component doesn't create SEF links. It is a small component which has three main functions:

  • Storing links from sites which end with 404 Error
  • Redirecting selected site which ends with 404 Error to new site
  • Storing refering sites.

Using this component should be useful e.g. if you did some alternation on your site and your links will be changed (upgrade of Joomla! version, enabled SEF, enabled mod_rewrite, changed structure of content, ...) or if you need to find wrong links on your site. This component stores links from sites which end with 404 Error, so you can set new site where obsolete site will be redirect (301 redirection) to. Searching sites with wrong links (sites which refer to your site) will be simple if you enable "Storing referring sites" parameter. Then you get information about obsolete site and about the referring site too. If the referring site is located on your server, you can fix wrong links on this site very quickly.

For successfully running of this component, Joomla! core file needs to be edited and Search Engine Friendly URLs needs to be enabled in Global Configuration of Joomla!
See documentation for getting more information.

New Joomla! 1.5 template Phoca Lilac has been released. See demo: .

Phoca Guestbook version 1.3.2 beta has been released. New features:

  • Added new Captcha image (you can select if you want to display Standard Captcha, Math Captcha, TTF Captcha or combination of these three methods - one of them will be randomly selected)
  • You can easily select characters which will be displayed in the Captcha image (for every method separately)

Standard Captcha (TTF is not used so it can be used on servers where 'imagettftext' function is not enabled):


Math Captcha (TTF is not used):


TTF Captcha:


  • Captcha Reload Icon was changed, so it can be displayed on templates with other than white background color
  • New column "Name" added into administration (displaying of guestbook items)
  • Fixed minor bugs in default.php (changed to UTF-8 without BOM)
  • Added new parameter - Display Form - if form is hidden, by clicking on the "Post Message" link, the form will be displayed

See demo:


Phoca Documentation version 1.0.1 has been released. Some minor bugs were fixed in this version. New features:

  • In Sections View there are displayed: number of categories and number or sections next to section name
  • new links (link to Joomla! categories and link to Joomla! sections) added in administration area
  • now you can add description and image into the head of section and category.

You can download the component here:



Phoca Gallery Plugin 2.1.0 has been released. New features:

  • PicLens (Cooliris) support
  • Shadowbox support
  • Modal Box (image only) support
  • Highslide JS support
  • Highslide JS (image only) support
  • Overlib support.

See demo:

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