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Making Own Font Ready For Phoca Font

Category: Phoca Font Component


For making a font ready for Phoca Font component, follow these steps:


1 Download a .ttf (.otf) or .eot font (e.g. YourFont.ttf)


2 If you are not able to download .eot font, then you need to create one - from .ttf (.otf) font, use e.g. this converter: (this converter works only with .ttf, so if you have .otf font, just rename it temporarily to .ttf). Download newly created .eot file.


3 Download one of the Phoca Font fonts - e.g. phoca Domestic Manners font. Unzip this installation package to temporarily created folder on your PC - e.g. to font folder, the following files will be listed there:

  • Domestic_Manners.eot - remove this file and copy your .eot file instead (e.g. YourFont.eot)
  • Domestic_Manners.ttf - remove this file and copy your .ttf (.otf) file instead (e.g. YourFont.ttf)
  • Domestic_Manners_license.txt - rename this file to YourFontLicense.txt and fill the file with license text bundled with your selected font file
  • domesticmanners.xml - rename this file to yourfont.xml
  • index.html - leave this file unchanged.



4 All files are ready now. You need to change the names in yourfont.xml to fit your font files. Open this file in editor and edit it. Change all old names to new:


<install type="phocafontfonts" version="1.7" client="both" method="upgrade">

    <name>Domestic Manners</name> - change to Your Font

<tag>domesticmanners</tag> - change to yourfont

    <creationDate>02/06/2009</creationDate> - change the date of creating the ZIP installation package

    <author>Jan Pavelka</author> - change the author of the ZIP installation package (be aware, this is author of the ZIP installation package not author of the font (see below for changing the author of the font)



    <copyright>(C) 2008 Jan Pavelka</copyright>

    <license> GNU/GPL</license> - this is a license of the ZIP installation package, not a license of the font

<authorFont>Dustin Norlander, see Domestic_Manners_license.txt file in this package</authorFont> - set author of your font

    <copyrightFont>Dustin Norlander, see Domestic_Manners_license.txt file in this package</copyrightFont> - set copyright of your font

    <licenseFont>GNU GPLv2.0, see Domestic_Manners_license.txt file in this package</licenseFont> - set license of your font

    <description>Domestic Manners for Phoca Font component</description> - set description of your font



 <filename>Domestic_Manners.ttf</filename> - change to YourFont.ttf

 <filename>Domestic_Manners.eot</filename> - change to YourFont.eot

 <filename>Domestic_Manners_license.txt</filename> - change to YourFontLicense.txt

 <filename>index.html</filename> - leave unchanged



<regular>Domestic_Manners.ttf</regular> - change to YourFont.ttf

<alternative>serif, arial, helvetica</alternative> - leave unchanged or set your alternative fonts

<format>truetype</format> - set if the font is truetype (.ttf) or opentype (.otf)




5 Save the edited file and zip all the files included in font folder to one ZIP installation package. Such ZIP installation package can be installed in Phoca Font Fonts (Components - Phoca Fonts - Fonts).




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