How can you help to maintain this project (free extensions for Joomla! CMS)?

You can donate to the project:


And there are many ways how you can support Phoca Extensions:

  • Create translations for Phoca extensions.
  • Answer topics in the Phoca Forum - this helps a lot because I can spend my freetime for developing new features.
  • Rate the Phoca Extensions on - if Phoca Extensions will have good rating then the Phoca Community will be greater and there will be more people which can help you e.g. in the forum.
  • Write manuals or correct errors in user guides.
  • You can create Themes for Phoca Gallery.

Custom changes, Footer information

If you need to do custom changes in some Phoca extension or you need to remove the footer information, just use this contact form: Phoca contact form

If you are active with answering posts in the Phoca forum or you are active with continuously translating Phoca extensions or you are active developer of extensions which are working with Phoca extensions or you are member of some core Joomla! team or you are regularly writing user guides about how to use Phoca extensions or you have donated to Phoca and you need to remove footer information just use contact form to get information how to remove it. Any help to any Phoca project means a project survival and getting new features. (E.g. answering questions in the forum will save time of developer which then can be spent to develop new features). Thank you for any support.

Because every displayed email address in internet can be abused by spammers, it can happens that your spam software or your email operator can reject emails sent from Phoca email. Please check your spambox and write an email again if you don't get any answer from Phoca email for a longer time. Thank you for understanding.

If you want to donate to Phoca, please don't do donation about 0,50 or 1 USD, because Paypal and bank account fees are higher than this amount then. :-( Thank you for understanding.


Every help will be very appreciated.

Thank you, Jan :-)



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