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Phoca Gallery version 2.6.0 Alpha 2 has been released. In this versions small bugs were fixed:


  • Medium and small images in administration are resized if they are larger as in default settings
  • New parameter added - disable/enable Java upload in administration
  • Fixed bug with creating new category in frontend
  • Fixed bug with creating new image in frontend
  • Fixed bug with description in Highslide JS

This version is a development version and should be not used on production sites.

Download this version.
Background Image editing in version 2.6.0

Phoca Gallery version 2.6.0 alfa released.

New features:

  • User Control Panel in frontend changed:
    • User statistics added (number of subcategories, number of images, used space)
    • User can upload avatar
    • User can create main category
    • User can create, delete, edit, publish, unpublish subcategories
    • User can upload, delete, edit, publish, unpublish images
  • Adminstrator can approve (authorize/unauthorize) main category in administration
  • Administrator can approve (authorize/unauthorize) subcategories in administration
  • Administrator can approve (authorize/unauthorize) images in adminitration
  • Java Upload applet upgraded
  • New Theme features - option to change background image, see: Styling Background Image article
  • Users can comment categories and images
  • External comment extension integration added. Now you can use JComments extension for commenting category or image
  • New Button added in backend. Recreate thumbnail - now you can recreate more than one thumbnail at once (Changing thumbnail size is faster and easier)
  • » characters removed from alt attribute
  • Ordering categories improved
  • Option to set equal percentage for columns in categories view added
  • Option to display avatar of category owner in categories view addd
  • Removed css classes which were in conflict with JComments extension
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed bug in JAK title and description
  • Removed double saving of item
  • New parameter: Option to upload avatar
  • New parameter: Enable avatar authorization
  • New parameter: Enable user category authorization
  • New parameter: Enable user subcategories authorization
  • New parameter: Enable user images authorization
  • New parameter: Maximum resolution of image (width and height)
  • New parameter: Count of user's subcategories - limitation
  • New parameter: Maximum size of all user's images - limitation
  • New parameter: Equal percentage width


You can download the Phoca Gallery version 2.6.0 Alfa on Phoca Gallery Download site. Be aware, this is development version which should not be used on production sites as it is not stable yet.

Phoca Gallery Plugin version 2.5.8 has been released. In this version small bugs were fixed (include the JAK lightbox bug).


You can download the plugin here: Phoca Gallery Plugin download site

Phoca Gallery version 2.5.8 has been released. In this version, folder creating process was changed as on some servers there were problems with permissions value of newly created folders.

Phoca Restaurant Menu version 1.1.0 stable has been released. You can download the Lite version on:

Phoca Restaurant Menu download site.


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