Phoca Maps

Phoca Maps is Joomla! CMS component. It displays maps on your site rendered with help of Google Maps API or OpenStreetMap API. It is intended to fast and simple creation of the map on the website.

There are two different ways how to display maps:

  • Google Maps - maps run with Google Maps API 3. You need to create Google Maps API key to display maps on your site, see: Creating Google Maps API Key article.
  • OpenStreeMaps - maps run with OpenStreetMap API. You don't need any API key to display basic maps on your site. In case you need e.g. routing feature, etc. you can use API of specific OpenStreetMap services like Mapbox or Thunderforest (you need to sing up for these services).

Just set API key in Parameters (if used), go to Extensions » Maps » New, click on Coordinates button, then click on the place in the map you want to display and save it. Finally create menu link to this map.

If you need to set a marker or more markers, just go to Extensions » Markers » New, select map, click on Coordinates button, then click on the place in the map you want  the marker will be set. Add description (you can include images too) and save it. Marker will be displayed in the map.


Use Phoca Maps Plugin for displaying map or more maps in the article.


  • Joomla! 1.5, 2.5, 3 (stable or any later version)
  • PHP 5.6 (or any later version).
  • Google Maps API key in case Google Maps API is used

While setting map or marker coordinates you can get longitude and latitude values with help of those ways:

  • setting it by hand
  • clicking on the map into the place you want to display
  • searching the place by GoogleBar
  • searching the place by Address


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Google Maps™ is a trademark of Google Inc.