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Phoca Gallery version 2.5.6 Beta has been released. In this version minor bugs were fixed (language string, octdec function added to permissions value, ...) and imageRotate() function added. If GD imagerotate() function is not enabled on the server, the Phoca Gallery imageRotate() function will be used instead.


You can download this version on Phoca Gallery download site.

Phoca Gallery 2.5.6 Alfa version has been released.

New features:

  • Detail image can be displayed on the content site (not only in Popup Window)
  • Direct Download can be selected. If user clicks on Download Icon, the original image will be direct downloaded
  • Description can be displayed in Image Box in Category View

See demo

You can download this version (Alfa version - only for testing purpose) on Phoca Gallery Download site.


Phoca Gallery version 2.5.5 has been released.

New features:

  • Centering Phoca Gallery feature was added into Categories View
  • Image can be displayed instead of folder (category) icon in:
    • Categories View
    • Category View
    • Categories View in Category View
  • Image which is displayed instead of folder icon, can be selected as random or from first, last postion, etc.
  • Thumbnails can be stored by JFile method on the server. As Phoca Gallery folders now have permissions set to 755, creating and storing thumbnails with JFile mehtod can prevent from permissions problems

You can download new version on Phoca Gallery Download site

Phoca Gallery version 2.5.2 has been released. In this version minor bugs were fixed and securitiy options added:

  • VM icon and link fixed
  • Icon folder bug fixed (if only icon folder is displayed, the box is resized in Category View)
  • Language bug fixed (Setttings -> Settings)
  • Breadcrumbs and Title fixed in Cooliris 3D Wall View
  • Random Image in Categories View fixed
  • Main Phoca Gallery folder (image/phocagallery) is now created with 755 permissions.
  • New parameter added: Folder permissions. Now you can set permissions of subfolders which are created by Phoca Gallery

You can download it here: Phoca Gallery download


Phoca Gallery 2.5.1 Beta has been released. In this version conditional comments for IE 8 were changed so images can be displayed correctly in backend. New detail window method called JAK Lightbox added, see demo of this method:

JAK Lightbox vertical

JAK Lightbox horizontal

You can download the beta version on Phoca Gallery download site

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