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Phoca Download version 1.3.2 has been released. New features were added:

  • Option to create menu link to Section View
  • Option to create menu link to Category View
  • Option to create menu link to File View
  • New route library, because of possibility to have different views, added (All these features were added by codejunkie. Thank you for them)
  • Integration with JComments - Category Commenting
  • Integration with JComments - File Commenting.

Into Plugin (Phoca Download Plugin and Phoca Download Button Plugin) were added following features:

  • Play File (Link) - link to playing file (saved in Phoca Download) can be displayed in article
  • Play File (Direct) - players with playable files (MP3, MP4, FLV) can be displayed and played in the article directly
  • Preview File (Link) - link to preview file (PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF) can be displayed in article
  • Youtube video can be displayed in article.

Component and plugins are in Beta stadium, they should not be used on production sites. You can dowload them for testing on Phoca Download download site.

Phoca Restaurant Menu version 1.1.1 has been released. This version will work with Phoca Gallery 2.6.x. New features:

  • Support for Phoca Gallery 2.6.x
  • Group message can be displayed above or below the items or it can be hidden
  • New parameter added in Weekly Menu - Displaying of current day. This parameter allows you to display only day with current date in Weekly Menu.

You can download lite version on Phoca Restaurant Menu download site.

Phoca Gallery version 2.6.0 Beta has been released:

  • Phoca Gallery Component
  • Phoca Gallery Image Module
  • Phoca Gallery Tree Module
  • Phoca Gallery Menu Module
  • Phoca Gallery Plugin
  • Phoca Gallery Search Plugin
  • Phoca Gallery Slideshow Plugin
  • Phoca Gallery Button Plugin

You can download all packages on Phoca Gallery download site.

All released plugins, modules and component are in Beta stadium. It means they should not be used on production sites, they are still in development.

Phoca Download version 1.3.1 has been released:

  • Phoca Download component
  • Phoca Download Section Menu module
  • Phoca Download Statistics module
  • Phoca Download Chart Statistics module
  • Phoca Download Tree module
  • Phoca Download plugin
  • Phoca Download Button plugin

You can download these files on Phoca Download download site

Phoca Download component version 1.3.0 stable has been released. In this version minor bugs were fixed and two features added. Option to access data through plugin and resume download feature.

You can download this version on Phoca Download download site. As there is a new feature - frontend uploading and authorizing the files, in case you will upgrade, you need to mark all current files as authorized. Go to Components - Phoca Download - Users  and click on Authorize All button.

Resume Download feature - be aware, functionality of the resume download feature depends on server settings and download manager too. Resume download cannot be used in cases the license agreement is being asked (Download manager cannot get the download link because the license agreement button needs to be submitted).

Plugins and Modules - No Phoca Download plugins and no Phoca Download modules has been upgraded yet. They need to be upgraded so they can pass the authorization criteria. The upgrading of all modules and plugins will follow this release and their versions will be marked as 1.3.0. If you run Phoca Download with some module or plugin, please wait until the module resp. plugin version 1.3.0 will be released.


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