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Phoca Gallery Random Image Module Version 2.1, Phoca Gallery Tree Version 2.1, Phoca Gallery Menu Module Version 2.1 have been released. These modules should be used with Phoca Gallery Component Version 2.1 or with any later version. Phoca Gallery Slideshow Plugin Verson 2 has been released. Phoca Gallery Plugin Version 2 will be released soon.

Phoca Acero Template has been released.

Demo: (use Template Chooser module to change template).

Download: .


Phoca Download 1.0.5 stable has been released. Minor bugs were fixed in this version (Javascript bug which caused error in Google Chrome browser, parameter Phoca Head fixed)

Phoca Gallery Random Image Module 2.1.0 has been released. Added:

  • Shadowbox support
  • Modal Box (only image) support
  • Highslide JS support
  • Highslide JS (only image) support
  • Pick Color Button in Parameters
  • Library Class behaviour (prevent from loading external Javascript or CSS libraries multiple times if Phoca Extensions are displayed on the site)

Phoca Gallery Component version 2.1.0 or any later is needed to run this module correctly.

Phoca Gallery 2.1.0 RC has been released. In this version the category tree function was optimized. This should reduce the loading time of category tree to minimum while editing category in administration area.

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