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Phoca Gallery version 2.2.3 Beta has been released. New features:

  • Thumbnail Creation Status added, so users will know if Thumbnail Creation is enabled or disabled
  • JPEG Quality parameter added (JPEG quality of thumbnails can be set)
  • Some language strings fixed

Phoca Download version 1.1.0 Beta has been released. New features were added:

  • Licenses and license agreement (you can add license texts into Phoca Download and you can require license agreement before downloading a file)
  • Pagination added (in frontend)
  • You can set own values for Pagination default value and Pagination values parameters
  • Pagination problems in administrator area were fixed
  • Files can be displayed for all users but downloaded only by registered users
  • You can set absolute path for files. It means that the files can be stored outside the public_html folder on your server
  • Ordering behaviour added. You can set how Sections, Categories and Files will be ordered (by Ordering, Id, Date, Title)
  • New parameters added: Display Number of Documents in Sections and Display Number of Documents in Sections Header



Phoca Gallery version 2.2.2 Beta has been released. In this version new parameters were added:

  • Category ordering
  • Image ordering

With these parameters you can set ordering of your images and categories (Ordering by Ordering, Id, Date, Title) in frontend.

New versions of Phoca Gallery Menu module and Phoca Gallery Slideshow plugin have been released. Both extensions now include hack for IE which should prevent from IE error message "Internet Explorer cannot open site ..."

Download Phoca Gallery Menu module:

Download Phoca Gallery Slideshow Plugin:

Phoca Gallery 2.2.1 Beta has been released. Since this version, subcategories and back link button can be displayed above the images in category view (subcategories in category view can be displayed as categories in categories view). See demo.

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