Making Different Menus

Category: Phoca Restaurant Menu Component
Different menus can be done with help of lists (or days) and setting options in menu link to menu.
1) Just create different lists in e.g. Bill of Fare menu type - in administration of your Joomla! site
2) Go to Menus - e.g. Main Menu. Create new menu. Set type to Phoca Restaurant Menu - Bill of Fare and set Basic Options (on the right side). Select list(s) there. Following options are available for the Lists parameter:
  • leave this parameter unchanged - then all lists will be displayed in frontend
  • select all menu lists - all lists will be displayed in the frontend
  • select some of the lists - just some of the lists will be displayed in the frontend
  • select only one menu list - only one menu list will be displayed in the frontend.


So you can create different menu links to each menu list. Then your site will include different menus. This is the same for days. In day settings, there is one extra parameter: Display Current Day (current day of all days will be dislayed)


You will create two lists in Bill of Fare. One for red wine, second for white wine. Then you will create two menu links. First menu link to red wine list (only one list will be selected in Basic Options of menu link) and the same for menu link to white wine list. There is no limit for count of lists (or days) except memory of course :-) - displaying a large count of lists on one page together, memory requirements may increase  - depends on server's performance like by listing all other items from your Joomla! database (articles, categories, links, etc.).



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