Daily Menu

Category: Phoca Restaurant Menu Component
Daily Menu contains groups and items.

Go to Components » Phoca Restaurant Menu » Daily Menu. First action which should be done, is saving information in Settings. Link to Settings can be found in Toolbars.

Click on Settings icon.

In Settings you can add:
  • Date of your Daily Menu
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Metadata Title (Metadata information in case you want to change the default value)
  • Metadata Keywords (Metadata information in case you want to change the default value).

Save the Settings and go back to Daily Menu - Groups. Now you can create Group. Click on New and add the following information:

  • Title
  • Published (publish or unpublish)
  • Message (description which is displayed below the group - after all displayed items in this group).
Click on Save. Now the Group is created and you can create Items for this Group. Click on Items icon.
You will be redirected to list of Items. Here you can click on New and add new Item. Item contains:
  • Title
  • Quantity (e.g. 200 ml or 200 g)
  • Price (Don't set the currency here and don't format the number, it will be formatted according to Parameters Settings)
  • Description
  • Group (select Group)
  • Image ID (You can select image for this Item in case, you have installed Phoca Gallery and added images into this gallery. Image will be displayed next to the item)
  • Published (publish or unpublish)
  • Order.
After successfully adding of Groups, Items and information in Settings you can create menu link to this Daily Menu in Menus. In your Joomla! administration site go to Menus - e.g. Main Menu and click on New (create new menu link). Select Phoca Restaurant Menu - Daily Menu.

Add Title and Alias and set Parameters (Basic), Parameters (Component) and Parameters (System) and save this menu link. Now on your site (in frontend) link to Daily Menu will be created. After clicking this link, Daily Menu will be displayed.

Parameters (Basic)

  • Icons - display icons or text (PDF, Print and Email icons)
  • PDF Icon - display or hide PDF icon - Phoca PDF component and Phoca PDF Restaurant Menu plugin need to be installed to create PDF on your site
  • Print Icon - display or hide Print icon
  • Email Icon - display or hide Email icon.

Parameters (Component)

Parameters (System)

  • These are standard Joomla! System Parameters

Toolbars in administration

  • Back Button to Groups or Control Panel
  • Email - you can mail menu to your customers (see Email in this guide)
  • Preview - this is preview of the created menu - this preview can be printed
  • PDF - if you have installed Phoca PDF component and Phoca PDF Restaurant Menu plugin on your site, you can create PDF document from your menu
  • Publish - publish Items, Groups
  • Unpublish - unpublish Items, Groups
  • Edit - edit current Item or Group
  • Multiple Edit - edit all Items and Groups at once
  • New - create new Item or Group
  • Settings - set Header, Footer, Day and Meta tag information.


Email - Daily Menu



Multiple Edit - Daily Menu






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