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Category: Phoca Restaurant Menu Component

Phoca Restaurant Menu allows creating menu for:

  • restaurant
  • cafeteria
  • fast food
  • school canteen
  • buffet
  • bar
  • club
  • snack bar
  • wineroom
  • etc.

Such menu can be displayed on a website as HTML, printed as HTML, rendered as PDF, pasted as picture on social media, emailed to customers or displayed in RSS (such RSS can be used for displaying the menu on Facebook or Twitter).

See Phoca Restaurant Menu 🔗 site for getting information about features of this component.

Phoca Restaurant Menu - Administration control panelPhoca Restaurant Menu - Administration control panel

Phoca Restaurant Menu - Screenshot of Daily MenuPhoca Restaurant Menu - Screenshot of Daily Menu

Phoca Restaurant Menu can produce a lot of different output formats. See following table for comparing output formats:

Phoca Restaurant Menu - Output formatsPhoca Restaurant Menu - Output formats


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