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Frontend Upload - Default Settings Of Category Access Rights

Category: Phoca Gallery Component

Default Access Options

There are two types of access rights.

Access - you can select a group of users who will have access to this category (wich group can see images from this category)
Access Rights - you can define specific user from the selected group


In Phoca Gallery Options: Administration - Components - Phoca Gallery - Options - Users - Upload settings, you can set default access rights for categories created by users in frontend:

Default Access - Set default value of access (selected groups) which will be set for category created by users in frontend
Default Access Rights - Set default value of access rights (selected users) which will be set for category created by users in frontend


Reset or change access rights for all or selected categories

With help of Batch feature, you can reset or or change rights for all or selected categories. Go to category list in administration of Phoca Gallery, select category or more categories, click on Batch. In case you need to set only default access rights, add following values to the parameters:


Set Access Level: public

Set Access Rights Level: Not set

Set Language: Keep original Language

To Move or Copy your selection please select a Category: Select (it means, leave this form field unchanged, don't select any category)

Copy: No

Move: Yes


When you click on Process button, the default access rights will be set for selected categories.


Phoca Gallery - Batch Access Rights 




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