After adding an image or multiple adding of images, Phoca Gallery creates thumbnails from these images. Please wait until Phoca Gallery creates thumbnails.

Jonathan's comments:

"You will see a screen showing which thumbnail is being created"

This uses an HTTP redirect. This means, that after creating of each thumbnail, it goes to HTTP redirect of your site and new thumbnail will be created. Why? Usually you have only 30 seconds to run the PHP script and if you have e.g. 500 images, you cannot create thumbnails from these images in 30 seconds. That is why Phoca Gallery uses HTTP redirect.


Errors which appear while creating thumbnails

Some errors can appear during thumbnail creation, e.g.:

  • There is a wrong type of image filetype
  • Image is damaged or GD library cannot create thumbnail from this image
  • The GD library is not working
  • Phoca Gallery has no permissions to write data on your server (Folder and thumbnail creation)
  • There is a non-image file (eg. if you use Google Picasa to load images from your camera, two hidden non-image files are create, which if you upload them to PhocaGallery, cause erors)

If Phoca Gallery stops the thumbnails creation process, you can take the following actions:

  • If there is a problem with the image you can delete the image via FTP .
  • If there is a problem with GD library you can enable the GD library .
  • You can set the right permissions on your server disc (How to set permissions on files and folders). After this you can click on Go to the Phoca Gallery and Phoca Gallery will try to create all other thumbnails.
  • You can Go to Phoca Gallery and disable the automatic thumbnail creation , and afterwards you can solve the problem (delete image or upload new image with right type, enable GD library, ...). If you have solved it, you can enable the thumbnails creation in Default Settings. Phoca Gallery will try to create the thumbnails.
  • You can Go to the Media Manager and solve the problem there (remove the original image or upload new original image). Phoca Gallery will not stop the thumbnail creation process, so if you go back to Phoca Gallery, it will try to create the thumbnails again.
  • You can Stop the Thumbnail Creation process everytime by clicking on the link Stop Thumbnails Creation which is situated on the top right of your site.