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Category: Phoca Gallery Component
Multibox is specific feature of displaying detail window in Phoca Gallery. In Multibox following parts can be displayed:
  • Image (image is displayed as default) or YouTube video
  • Title of image
  • Description of image
  • Uploaded By Information
  • Image Rating
  • Map (displaying marker for the image)
  • Image Tags
  • Image Comments
  • Thumbnails
Phoca Gallery Multibox Comments
Displaying of image and above listed parts can be set in parameters and designed in CSS. Multibox can be designed similar way like e.g. image gallery feature in Facebook, see demo (click on image to see detail window).
Phoca Gallery Multibox Map
Multibox feature only works with iframe methods: Standard Popup Window, Modal Box, Highslide JS, boxplus. No Popup method can also be used (of course, template should be correctly set for displaying it).
Phoca Gallery Multibox - Thumbnails displaying



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