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Creating and editing Categories

Category: Phoca Gallery Component

Before you can display any images in frontend, you need to create at least one category. You can create categories on different locations:

  • In Components » Phoca Gallery » Categories » [New] (This is the common way how to create categories)
  • In Multiple Add (Categories will be created automatically. Multiple Add function converts all folders and subfolders to categories resp. subcategories)
  • In Frontend (Users in frontend can create one main category and subcategories)

This guide explains how to create and edit categories it the Phoca Gallery backend (the first bullet).

You go to Components » Phoca Gallery » Categories » [New] or [Edit]

To create a category you only need to fill in the title and press [Save]. Phoca Gallery creates the alias. All other fields are optional. 

Title fill in the title (required)
Alias alias which is used in the URL
Parent Category If you want to create a subcategory, select the parent category
Published Unpublished categories aren't displayed in frontend. Users in frontend (if they have right to do) can publish or unpublish categories
Authorized Unauthorized (not approved) categories aren't displayed in frontend. Users in frontend cannot authorize or unauthorize categories
Access level determine the acces based on the default Joomla groups
Access rights Select 1 or more users who can see the contents of this category. (select multiple users by pressing CTRL)
Upload and add user rights Select the user(s) who can upload add images from the frontend to this category - See user upload
Delete and publish user rights Select the user(s) who can delete and publish images from the frontend in this category - See user upload
Owner Set owner of the category. Owners can upload images to this category and can manager them in frontend. If the category will be set as root category (it will not have any parent category) then users can create subcategories in this category in frontend
Owner folder Folder on the server wherein images are uploaded, when they are added from the frontend. This is required for frontend upload - See user upload
Geotagging settings See Geotagging
Image This image is displayed above the description in Category View
Image layout Image can be on the left or right side
Description Fill in the description which appears above the images in the Category View
META Description Set Meta description for the site (Category View)
META Keywords Set Meta Keywords for the site (Category View)

 If you create categories with help of Multiple Add method, then only the title field and the alias are saved.


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