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Phoca Gallery 2.7.0 stable released

Phoca Gallery version 2.7.0 Stable has been released (Phoca Gallery Component, Phoca Gallery Plugin, Phoca Gallery Search Plugin, Phoca Gallery Slideshow Plugin, Phoca Gallery Button Plugin, Phoca Gallery Image Module, Phoca Gallery Menu Module, Phoca Gallery Tree Module).

Download: Phoca Gallery download site.

Changelog (modifications to Beta version):

  • If there is no original image on the server, the item (image) can be saved in administration now (original image can be removed because of security - e.g. in case of Simple Caddy integration)
  • Phoca Gallery Plugin - added controll over the JAK data array (checking if it is empty or not)
  • New design option added to Categories View - Categories, Images and Description (should be easy displaying of image and category name and description only)
  • Checked files to be saved as UTF-8 without BOM



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