How to install Phoca Cart and its demo data for simple testing?

  1. Download Phoca Cart component and its modules. Install them in Joomla! administration. Phoca Cart component includes payment and shipping method plugins. On Phoca Cart download website you can find modules package ( which includes 10 Phoca Cart modules. With help of this package you can install these modules at once.

  2. Download and install this file in Joomla! Administration - sample data will be added into database. Product and Category images will be copied into Images folder.

  3. Create a menu link to Phoca Cart (Menus - e.g. Main Menu - Add New Menu Item - Select Menu Item Type: Phoca Cart - Category List Layout (Categories view) - set the Title and save it. (Categories View is default view for Phoca Cart)

  4. Install template which supports Bootstrap or UIkit design (see below).

To test Phoca Cart, you need to run Joomla! 4, base template like Cassiopeia or template with Bootstrap 5 or UIkit design, e.g.: Phoca - Joomla! Templates

See: Phoca Cart - Audits - Accessibility: 100%, Best Practices: 100%, SEO: 100% article.

Region and country data can be imported in Phoca Cart administration (in Countries or Regions view).

In short, install:

1) Phoca Cart component, Phoca Cart modules
2) Phoca Cart demo data
3) Additionaly you can install Bootstrap or UIkit template.