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Phoca Cart - Audits - Accessibility: 100%, Best Practices: 100%, SEO: 100%

Phoca Cart is a part of Joomla! system. Such robust system can negatively affect audits on your site. For example audits made by Lighthouse Audits. Joomla! system is composed of many parts like templates, modules, plugins, components, etc. Such parts can load a lot of libraries, some of them can be obsolete and all this can have negative impact on audit results.

See example: Joomla! Templates Directory

This website has the following audit results:

  • Accessibility: 100%
  • Best Practices: 100%
  • SEO: 100%

Phoca Cart - Audit


HTML output of Phoca Cart tries to follow audit advices regarding accessibility, best practices and SEO. But in order to achieve such good results, it is necessary to install Phoca Upgrade System plugin, which will help us manage loading of some problematic Javascript libraries.

Following parameters can be set in this plugin:

Remove Obsolete Bootstrap Javascript - removes the old version of Bootstrap Javascript, for example, if your template is loading modern Bootstrap version (version 3 or 4), you can remove version 2 (which is a part of Joomla! 3.x) with this plugin.

Remove Mootools Javascript - removes the Mootools library because it also loads occasionally in Joomla! system

Remove jQuery Migrate Javascript - removes jQuery Migrate library - this is useful if you use the Enable New jQuery Version parameter

Enable New jQuery Version - replaces the outdated jQuery library used in Joomla! for newest version

Remove Front Editing Javascript - if you are not using frontend editing, you can also remove this library.

Of course, you have to check the Javascript console, because some extensions, for example, may not be able to work with the latest jQuery version. But if you have an extension that can work with it, modern jQuery means extra points in the audit because the outdated jQuery library loaded in Joomla! subtracts some points from the audit. All this is important if your website emphasizes accessibility, best practices and SEO.

Main function of Phoca Upgrade System plugin is replacing obsolete Bootstrap 2 code with newest Bootstrap code. This is helpful when your template uses Bootstrap 3 or 4 for rendering HTML output but Joomla! 3.x output is still rendered with obsolete Bootstrap 2 library.




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