In Phoca Cart, you can find following views in frontend:

  1. Menu link views:
  • Categories view (Category list layout - default view) - displaying a list of categories
  • Category view (Product list layout) - displaying a list of products
  • Products view (Product list layout) - displaying a list of product
  • Product view (Product layout) - displaying product information (details)
  • Ask Question (Feedback, Report) View - displaying ask a question form
  • Checkout view - displaying a checkout.
  • Comparison view - displaying comparison of selected products
  • Download view - displaying files which can be downloaded
  • Orders view - displaying information about orders
  • POS view - Point of sale view
  • Submit item view - displaying submit item form
  • Terms and conditions view - displaying terms and conditions
  • User account view - displaying user information and edit options
  • Wish list view - displaying wish list product list
  • XML feed view - displaying XML feed
  1. Non menu link views (hidden views):
  • Info view - this view is designed for displaying different messages for users (after making an order, after paying, ...)
  • Payment view - a view where payment plugins load their framework
  • Response view - a communication view designed for communication with payment gateways
The difference between Category view and Products view is that Category view includes information about one category only. In Products view, products from more categories can be displayed (e.g. when using filtering function and two or more categories will be filtered). Usually, users can go through following tree: Category view -> Category view -> Product view and back. In such case, always only one unique category is used. In options, Category view can be fully replaced by Products view if needed.