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Creating a website for restaurants

Phoca provides all the tools you need to create a restaurant website. It all starts with Joomla! - content management system for creating websites. Joomla! has one of the most sophisticated systems allowing easy extension of the entire system. With help of extensions, you can build any type of website. There is a large number of Phoca extensions which extend Joomla! system. Following extensions are the most important extensions for creating a website for restaurants:

Phoca Restaurant Menu

Phoca Restaurant Menu makes it easy to create menus for restaurants, cafes, fast food, school canteens, buffets, bars, clubs, wine shops. Main features are:

  • Creating different menus (eight types of menus)
  • Displaying menus on website in different formats (HTML, PDF, Text, XML)
  • Sending menus in emails
  • Printing menus
  • Publishing menus on social media website through RSS or screenshots
  • Export or import of menus

Phoca Restaurant Menu - menu


Phoca PDF

Phoca PDF produces online PDF documents, so each Phoca Restaurant Menu menu can be rendered as PDF with help of Phoca PDF and its restaurant plugin.


Phoca Restaurant Menu, Phoca PDF - PDF menu


Phoca Cart

If you are interested in providing ordering options for your menus rather than displaying them, then the Phoca Cart component is ready for this purpose. Phoca Cart is powerful e-commerce platform which provides users with countless tools for online and offline sales of physical and digital products.

Phoca Cart - order items


Phoca POS

Phoca POS is a part of Phoca Cart component. It is a point of sale system ready for waiters and restaurant managers.


Phoca Gallery

Phoca Gallery is popular image gallery system which allows users to display images or YouTube videos on websites in many different forms. Images are one of the most important part of your website. All of them can be easily managed by Phoca Gallery and displayed by many different ways on your website.


These are the important extensions when creating websites for restaurants. But there are many other necessary extensions:


Phoca Open Graph plugins

Phoca Open Graph content plugin and Phoca Open Graph system plugin display open graph data of your articles or another content on your site.


Phoca Prticles module

Phoca Particles module displays different HTML parts on your site. The main advantage is simplicity of their creation.


Phoca Particles module



Phoca Photo

Phoca Photo provides an alternative way to display images on your site.

Phoca Maps

Display location of your restaurant to your customers on a map with help of Phoca Maps.

Phoca Email

Phoca Email allows you to display newsletter feature on your site.




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