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Phoca Cart Version 3.5.3 Released

Phoca Cart component version 3.5.3 has been released.


  • Added new parameter: Enable Newsletter
  • Added new parameter: Activate Newsletter (Checkout View)
  • Added new parameter: Newsletter Mailing Lists
  • Added new parameter: Deep Search
  • Added new parameter: Method Of Creating Queue Numbers
  • Added new parameter: Queue Number Prefix
  • Added new parameter: Queue Number Suffix
  • Added new parameter: Queue Number Length
  • Added option to set default value for form fields: Country and Region
  • Added new option to attribute type: Text (Color Picker)
  • Added random ordering to Phoca Cart Product Scroller module
  • Added new value to Email (Customer) parameter: Yes (excluding POS)
  • Added new parameter to Phoca PayPal Standard plugin: Country Field Type
  • Changed obsolete methods (Joomla! 4 ready)
  • Changed administration filtering and searching (Joomla! 4 ready)
  • Phoca Cart Sales Countdown Timer Module released, see: Phoca Cart Sales Countdown Timer Module video




Download: Phoca Cart download site


If you find any bug or you have some feature request idea, please post it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.


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