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Phoca Cart is a Joomla! component and follows Joomla! override features fully. This means that you can override specific Phoca Cart output with help of your template and such modification will be not lost when updating Phoca Cart.


Example: Order, Invoice, Receipt or Delivery Note

When you need to customize the output of invoice, then copy the following file






Such file you can edit and your modifications will be not lost when updating Phoca Cart.


Example: Adding customer email to billing address in the invoice

Open following file:


and on line cca. 373 (this can be different in different Phoca Cart versions) add following code:



if ($v['email'] != '') { $ob[] = $v['email'].'<br />';}




if ($v['vat_2'] != '') { $ob[] = JText::_('COM_PHOCACART_VAT2').': '.$v['vat_2'].'<br />';}


Save the file. Now, customer email will be displayed in the invoice - in billing address box.


See prepared Phoca Cart Overrides.


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