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 In Phoca Cart, you can set unlimited number of payment methods. For each payment method you can define (for example):

  • Costs of the payment (inclusive or exclusive VAT) - a kind of fee for the payment method
  • Amount Rule - lowest and highest amount - payment method will be used when user will make an order and the amount will be between lowest and highest amount defined in this rule
  • Country Rule - payment method will be applied to selected countries only
  • Region Rule - payment method will be applied to selected regions only
  • Shipping Rule - payment method will be assigned to specific shipping method
  • Payment Method Options - specific options for selected payment method


Payment methods


There are specific payment plugins which can extend payment methods, for example:

PayPal Standard

Be aware, there is one term "payment method" which is used for two different features:

1) Payments - payment methods which can be set in Phoca Cart

2) Payment plugins - plugins which extend Phoca Cart payments (see image below)


Payment Options



So you can create payment "PayPal" in Phoca Cart but if you want that the payment will be interactive and will communicate with PayPal service, you need to extend it with payment plugin. In this case with PayPal Standard plugin. This plugin is a part of Phoca Cart component and it is installed automatically, so you just select it when editing Payments (see image above).


When you select it, PayPal Standard plugin loads own specific options (see image below).

Payment Options


After saving Payment (Payment method) and publishing it, it will be displayed in frontend in Payment options (see image below).Payment methods

When user select the PayPal method and will make the order then Phoca Cart will be redirected to PayPal service (see image below).

PayPal redirect


Now, shopper is redirected to PayPal service where he/she can login (see image below).


PayPal login


On PayPal site, the cart is displayed, shopper can check the cart and his/her profile information and can make the payment (see image below).


PayPal pay



When payment is made, shopper will be redirected back to e-shop site (see image below).



PayPal paid



When your PayPal account will be credited, PayPal service will contact your e-shop and will confirm the payment. Then your server will communicate with PayPal and if set in Options, it will change the order status.


To test the communication, you can use sandbox site of PayPal and you can enable logging in Phoca Cart administration. In system log you can see the information about the PayPal and your server's communication (see image below).

Phoca Cart system log


Changing Of Order Status

See Payment method options in Payments. For example: edit PayPal payment (where PayPal Standard plugin is set) and change Payment method options. Set that if PayPal will send "Completed" status when the payment is done, then order status in your e-shop will change to "Completed".

So when shopper will make and order and will pay for it then PayPal will communicate with your server and will send information to your server that the status of the payment is "Completed". Then your e-shop will change the order status to "Completed" and shopper will be able to download items from your e-shop as his/her payment will be confirmed.


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