Category: Phoca Cart Component


In Phoca Cart, you can find following views in frontend:


1) Menu link views:

  • Categories view - displaying list of categories
  • Category view - displaying list of products
  • Product view - displaying product information (details)
  • Comparison view - displaying comparison of selected products
  • Download view - displaying files which can be downloaded
  • Orders view - displaying information about orders
  • User Account view - displaying user information and edit options
  • Checkout view - displaying a checkout.

2) Non menu link views (hidden views):

  • Info view - this view is designed for displaying different messages for users (after making an order, after paying, ...)
  • Payment view - a view where payment plugins load their framework
  • Response view - a communication view designed for communication with payment gateways
  • Terms view - displaying of Terms and Conditions.


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