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Submit Items

Category: Phoca Cart Component

Users can submit items in frontend. Items can be products or catalogue items. In administration, these items can be reviewed and transformed to products. This feature is useful when you use Phoca Cart as catalogue for example und frontend users have the ability to upload their items to this catalogue.

In Phoca Cart options, you can select which form fields will be displayed in submit form.

Phoca Cart - Submit item optionsSubmit item options

There are following types of parameters:

  • Submit Item Form Fields - product columns
  • Submit Item Form Fields (Parameters) - additional parameters
  • Submit Item Form Fields (Contact info) - additional form fields not related to products but to information about user who uploaded the items
The character asterisk character * added to the end of the column name means that this form field is required

Following product item form fields can be displayed:

  • title
  • alias
  • sku
  • upc
  • ean
  • jan
  • isbn
  • mpn
  • serial_number
  • registration_key
  • external_id
  • external_key
  • external_link
  • external_text
  • external_link2
  • external_text2
  • price
  • price_original
  • tax_id
  • catid_multiple
  • manufacturer_id
  • description
  • description_long
  • features
  • image
  • video
  • type
  • unit_amount
  • unit_unit
  • length
  • width
  • height
  • weight
  • volume
  • condition
  • type_feed
  • type_category_feed
  • delivery_date
  • metatitle
  • metakey
  • metadesc
  • date
  • date_update
  • tags
  • taglabels

Following contact item form fields can be displayed:

  • name
  • email
  • phone
  • message

Submit form can include Captcha, it can be enabled for registered users only and selected users can be informed via email when new form is submitted. The limits can be set for image upload. Description fields accept Markdown syntax.


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