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Category: Phoca Cart Component

Phoca Cart can be installed by default standard Joomla installation methods.

  1. Download Phoca Cart component on Phoca Cart download page. Main Phoca Cart package includes component, basic payment method plugins: Cash On Delivery, PayPal Standard, POS Cash. It even includes basic shipping method: Shipping Standard. These plugins are automatically installed with the component.

  2. Login to your Joomla! website administration and go to Extensions - Manage - Install. In Upload Package File folder select downloaded file to be installed on your system. Phoca Cart component including basic plugins will be installed.

It is recommended to install additional modules so you can display e.g. cart, category tree, filter or search module on your site. Modules can be installed in different ways:

  1. Download and install each module separately.
  2. Or download module package on Phoca Cart download page and install all basic modules at once.
  3. Or install the modules directly in Phoca Cart Administration. Go to Components - Phoca Cart - Extension. Select Modules and click on Install button displayed for each module.

Phoca Cart includes more than basic extensions. They are listed on Phoca Cart Extensions website.

When installing plugins, be sure you have even publish them in Plugin Manager (Status: Published).

When installing modules, be sure you have even publish them, you have set position where to display them and you have assigned them to some page (Status: Published, Position: e.g. position-7, Module Assignment: e.g. On all pages).


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