Phoca Restaurant Menu WP Edition is a WordPress Gutenberg plugin. This plugin allows creating menu for restaurants, cafeterias, fast foods, school canteens, buffets, bars, clubs, snack bars, wine rooms, etc.


There are two types of Phoca Restaurant Menu:


Please note that there is an issue with the Gutenberg block feature: when blocks are duplicated, the data entered into the form fields of the duplicated block can overwrite the data in the source block. To work around this issue, you have two options:
  1. Do not use the duplicate feature. Instead, use Copy function - create a new block and copy the content from the original block,
  2. Or, after duplicating a block, save (update) the article and reload the site. This action will ensure that all form fields in the duplicated block remain independent of the source block.


Phoca Restaurant Menu - Display a wine listPhoca Restaurant Menu - Display a wine list