Some useful articles about FTP downloading and uploading:

Download the newest Phoca Guestbook version from the Phoca Guestbook download site. You get a ZIP file. Unzip this file into your temporary folder on your disc. You get these files and folders:

  • [controllers]
  • [elements]
  • [front]
  • [help]
  • [language]
  • [models]
  • [other]
  • [tables]
  • [views]
  • admin.phocaguestbook.php
  • config.xml
  • controller.php
  • index.html
  • install.sql
  • phocaguestbook.xml
  • uninstall.sql

Copy all files and folders except folders: front, language, other into:

  • your-server/administrator/components/com_phocaguestbook/

Copy all files and folders from folder front into:

  • your-server/components/com_phocaguestbook/

Copy all files and folders from folder language into:

  • your-server/language/
  • your-server/administrator/language/

While copying your files you must accept the overwritting old files.