This feature is available in version 1.2.0 or any later version.

Upgrade Phoca Guestbook:

  • Extensions » Install/Uninstall. Now you are in Extensions Manager. Click on Upload Package File - select the Phoca Guestbook component ZIP file from your disc and click on Upload File & Install.

Then you can choose between install or upgrade Phoca Guestbook component. Select upgrade. If you select install, all old data will be removed.


After upgrading a component, default settings will be set to default. You must set them again. Parameters component in menu link will be not changed. If you use SEF, menu links will be invalid and you must refresh them (Go to the Menu and click on the Phoca Guestbook menu link. You are now in in Menu Item [edit]. Click on Save button. Phoca Gallery menu link will be refreshed.). If this is a problem (maybe you have a lot of menu links), you must upgrade via FTP.