How to add panorama items to Phoca Panorama:

  • Create panoramic image or interactive virtual tour in your panorama software (e.g. in krpano).
  • Export your panorama.
  • Create a subfolder (name of the panorama - without spaces and diacritics) in phocapanorama folder (phocapanorama folder will be created while installation of Phoca Panorama on your server - in root of your Joomla! installation)
  • Copy files of your panorama to this folder.
  • In options set the file name - the name of js, swf and xml file. For example, if your software created: tour.js, tour.swf and tour.xml, you should set "tour" in this option. Note - all panorama items should use the same name for the exported files - only the folders should have different names!
  • Create category, create item - set category of the item and folder name (the folder you have created). Save it
  • Got to Joomla! Menu Manager and create a menu link (to categories, category or item view).

Menu link can be created to all views. If one will be created to Categories view, user can navigate through categories to panorama item view.


Images (thumbnails)

You can assign images to category and to panorama item.

Item image: item image will be automatically taken from folder - just add image called thumb.jpg to the panorama folder and such image will be displayed as thumbnail of the item.

Category image: you can select the image in Category Edit view - in administration.

Images are not transformed to thumbnails, so you need to add/select images which have the same size and have the size which fits your needs.