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Displaying maps on website

There are different map types and different ways how to display maps on website. The most common types of maps are:

  • Google Maps
  • OpenStreetMap

Google Maps

You can add Google Maps into your website directly (Google Maps API is needed) or embed into your website e.g. per iframe solution. To display Google Maps on your Joomla! website, just download and install Phoca Maps component and Phoca Maps plugin.

With help of Phoca Maps component you can display the map directly when you create a menu link to map. With help of Phoca Maps plugin you can display the map inside your article on position you will define. You can even display such map in module position. For both methods you need to have Google Maps API key.

But in case of plugin, there is an alternative to add the map without API key - per embed function.

See example:


With help of OpenStreetMap you can even display the map in component, articles or modules. There are different OpenStreetMap map types. Some of them require API key, some can display maps without any API key. In Phoca Maps you can display following OpenStreetMap map types:

  • OpenStreetMap
  • OpenStreetMap (Black and White)
  • OpenStreetMap (Germany)
  • OpenStreetMap (France)
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap
  • Thunderforest (API key needed)
  • Mapbox (API key needed)
  • OpenTopoMap
  • Wikipedia Maps

For more information about how to display maps with help of Phoca Maps see:

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