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Phoca Cart Version 3.1.1 Released

Phoca Cart component version 3.1.1 stable has been released.


News (in comparison to 3.1.0):

  • Added new parameter: Default Order Status
  • Added new parameter (Phoca Brands module): Display Link
  • Added new parameter (Phoca Filter module): Filter Language
  • Added new parameter (Phoca Category module): Filter Language
  • Added displaying of rating in Phoca Cart Product module
  • Added displaying of rating in Phoca Cart Product Scroller module
  • Added new parameter for Payment methods: Additional Costs
  • Added new parameter for Shipping methods: Additional Costs
  • Added displaying of Amount tendered and Amount changed in POS receipt
  • Added new parameter: Bank Account Number
  • Added new parameter: IBAN
  • Added new parameter: BIC/SWIFT
  • Added new email and invoice variables: {bankaccountnumber}, {iban}, {bicswift}, {totaltopaynoformat}, {currencycode}
  • Added new parameter: Report - Display Tax
  • Added new parameter: Report - Display Rounding
  • Added new parameter: Report Header


Download: Phoca Cart download site


See this article: Sending emails to customer or vendors to get information how to send emails to customers or vendors/administrators/managers.

If you find any bug or you have some feature request idea, please post it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.


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