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Phoca Gallery 2.0.0 Beta released

Phoca Gallery supports Highslide JS:


Image with navigation buttons or image alone can be displayed in Modal Box:


Phoca Gallery supports Shadowbox:


Overlib effect can have a transparency background.

Added conditional comments for correctly displaying of images in IE 8 beta 2.

Crop function was enabled. This function can be used for all thumbnails:

Registered users can rate the category in frontend:

They can leave comment in frontend:

You can display statistics data in frontend:

The geotagging (Google Maps) can be displayed in the Geotagging Pane:

The upload form can be displayed in Upload Pane:

Phoca Gallery has own pagination. It means that you can select the default value for the pagination and other vaules for selecting form:

There is a new View - User Control Panel - where user can create category and upload images into his category:


There is a new parameter value for displaying name in Category View:

  • you can display name of categories and images
  • you can hide name of categories and images
  • you can display name of categories and hide name of images

You can display or hide registered categories for users they cannot access theses categories. If you will display these categories, they will be displayed as locked:

You can display the title of an image in Detail View:

You can see all features on demo site (BTW loading and displaying of Phoca Gallery Demo Site can be very slow but it is not caused by Phoca Gallery, it is caused by low cost server. If you want to support Phoca Gallery project e.g. because of getting some better webhosting, you can donate to this project. Every support for this project (translations, answering questions in Phoca Forum, Theme creation, extension rating on, donation) will be appreciated.

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