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Phoca Gallery 4.0.3 Released

Phoca Gallery

Phoca Gallery version 4.0.3 has been released - Joomla! 3 component.


Phoca Gallery download site


Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3 demo site - categories view (multiple images displaying as category - mosaic effect)

Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3 demo site - category view (masonry effect of image boxes and comment and rate in image boxes)


  • Overwritten to work in Joomla! 3.2
  • Minor changes in style tag in frontend - external images
  • Changed model to get Picasa (Google Plus) image title
  • Added new string: COM_PHOCAGALLERY_SPACE_LEFT instead of COM_PHOCAGALLERY_LEFT - to differentiate "left" string in some specific languages
  • Fixed minor bug in administration category model (batch method)
  • Added jimport( 'joomla.filesystem.file' ); to YouTube library method
  • Category filter in administration ignores published/unpublished value of categories (to filter unpublished categories in administration)
  • Changed from JSite::getMenu() to JFactory::getApplication()->getMenu()
  • Updated Slimbox library
  • Changed the Facebook field: from Caption to Name for the image title and description.


If you find any bug, please report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.


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