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Phoca Gallery 4.0.0 Alpha Released

Phoca Gallery version 4.0.0 Alpha has been released. This version is designed for Joomla! 3. It is Alpha version, this means, it is a first view of the component which will work under Joomla! 3. It should be used only for testing purposes.


Download for testing: Phoca Gallery download site


Most of code was overwritten so it is very likely that there will be a lot of errors. Please, if you find a bug, report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.



  • Overwritten for Joomla! 3
  • Design changed to Joomla! bootstrap design (administration)
  • Most of design parameters moved from Options to CSS
  • CSS files can be added, edited, published/unpublished, removed or its ordering can be changed in administration of Phoca Gallery
  • Most of html style attributes moved to CSS files
  • Images are not more used as background graphics (changed to CSS3)
  • Some html outputs removed or simplified
  • ...


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