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Phoca Guestbook version 1.4.0 Beta released

Phoca Guestbook version 1.4.0 Beta has been released. You can download it on: Phoca Guestbook download site.


  • Added new field - Website (homsite)
  • Changed all parameters - required field
  • Fixed Pane ID to be xhtml valid
  • Fixed Captcha Method parameter
  • Added error message in frontend to warn administrator in case the guestbook was not selected in parameters basic in menu link to guestbook
  • Some style code converted to CSS class
  • Added content preview in Items list in administration
  • Semicolon (;) in IP Ban, Forbidden Word Filter and Forbidden Whole Word Filter changed to comma (,) because of unification of all parameters
  • Added new parameter - Not Allowed URL Identification Words - words, which will identify not allowed URLs within the post
  • Added new paramater - Pagination - setting values for pagination
  • Added new parameter - Default value pagination - setting default value for the pagination
  • Added new parameter - Display 'All' value in pagination
  • Character "-" is now allowed within the name
  • Added new parameter - Predefined Name - if user will be not logged in, predefined name for input form "Name" can be set. Fixed "Guest" string was removed
  • Added new parameter - Disable User Check - if user check will be disabled, anonymous users can use email and username which is registered by some registered user in system (disabling is not recommended)
  • Added new parameter - Enable or disable HTML Purifier
  • Added new parameter - Captcha can be displayed or not displayed for registered users only
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