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Phoca Maps version 1.1.0 Beta released

Phoca Maps component and Phoca Maps plugin version 1.1.0 Beta have been released.

Download: Phoca Maps download site.

There are two different versions of Phoca Maps:

  • Phoca Maps 1.0.5 - this version uses Google Maps API 2. If you need functions like GoobleBar, Continuous Zoom, Overview Map Control, then download this version.
  • Phoca Maps 1.1.0 or any later version - this version uses Google Maps API 3. You need not to create Google Maps API key for your site but some functions are not included (API 3 is still in Google Code Labs - not ready yet). This version is under active development and includes more new features.

New features in Phoca Maps version 1.1.0:

  • Converted to Google Maps API 3 - Google Maps API 3 doesn't provide all the features which Google Maps API 2 provides (still in Google Code Labs), but the maps are loaded faster, you need not to add Google Maps API key and there are new features.
  • KML support added. (this feature doesn't work in Internet Explorer browsers yet)
  • Print Route feature added
  • Changed Icon behaviour in the javascript code - icon which is used by more than one marker in the map, its javascript code will be rendered only one time
  • Added new marker icons
  • Added new parameter - Marker content width
  • Added new parameter - Marker content height
  • Added new parameter - Open marker window - marker is opened while loading the map (marker content width and marker content height can be set here)
  • Page title displaying feature added.


If you miss some features in Google Maps API 3, you can make feature request here:

or you can vote for some existing:

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Google Maps™ is a trademark of Google Inc.


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