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Phoca Download 1.3.2 released

Phoca Download component, Phoca Download plugin, Phoca Download Button plugin, Phoca Download Chart Statistics module, Phoca Download Statistics module, Phoca Download Tree module, Phoca Download Section Menu module version 1.3.2 have been released. See Phoca Download download site, see news:


  • Option to create menu link to Section View added
  • Option to create menu link to Category View added
  • Option to create menu link to File View added
  • New route library, because of possibility to have different views, added (All these features were added by codejunkie. Thank you for them)
  • Integration with JComments - Category Commenting
  • Integration with JComments - File Commenting.
  • Date of files can be changed automatically (the date can be taken from the database or from the file with help of filemtime, filectime, fileatime function)
  • Fixed bug with pagination if Section, Category or File menu link will be created
  • Solved SQL bug with getting information about user category in frontend
  • Fixed problem with columns count if description will be displayed
  • Background #ffffff changed to transparent in main CSS file
  • Fixed SEF (Itemid) in frontend in UCP
  • Login and Redirection behaviour changed - If some file is assigned to registered users only and user is not logged in, the login form will be displayed. After logging in, the site will be redirect back to Phoca Download category resp. file view.
  • File View changed - now detail information can be displayed in File View too.
  • Added Meta Keywords to component, section, category and file
  • Added Meta Description to component, section, category and file.

Phoca Download Plugin and Phoca Download Button Plugin:

  • Play File (Link) - link to playing file (saved in Phoca Download) can be displayed in article
  • Play File (Direct) - players with playable files (MP3, MP4, FLV) can be displayed and played in the article directly
  • Preview File (Link) - link to preview file (PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF) can be displayed in article
  • Youtube video can be displayed in article.


  • Added links to category in Phoca Download Statistics module.


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