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Phoca Gallery 2.6.0 Alpha3 released

Phoca Gallery version 2.6.0 Alpha3 has been released. In this version new features were added:

  • In Phoca Gallery, albums from Google Picasa can be displayed - see: Displaying Google Picasa Web Albums
  • Geotagging - map can have 100% width
  • Added 'Special' value to Categories Image Ordering, Category Image Ordering and Categories Image Ordering in Category View (displaying image instead of folder icon). Using 'Special' value can prevent from running recursive function to find image of the category but has some limitation too (ignores unpublished and not authorized image settings, doesn't search the image in subcategories)
  • All views refactored to work with external images (Picasa images).

Minor bugs were fixed:

  • Changed code for JComments integration (creating links to image commenting still needs to be solved)
  • Geotagging - map can have 100% width
  • Not authorized images are not displayed instead of folder icon
  • Language string bugs fixed
  • Selecting more values in multiselect input field fixed
  • Not correctly parameter name fixed in UCP.

You can download the Alpha3 version on Phoca Gallery download site. This version is a development version and shouldn't be used on production site.

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