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Phoca Download Version 1.1.0 Beta released

Phoca Download version 1.1.0 Beta has been released. New features were added:

  • Licenses and license agreement (you can add license texts into Phoca Download and you can require license agreement before downloading a file)
  • Pagination added (in frontend)
  • You can set own values for Pagination default value and Pagination values parameters
  • Pagination problems in administrator area were fixed
  • Files can be displayed for all users but downloaded only by registered users
  • You can set absolute path for files. It means that the files can be stored outside the public_html folder on your server
  • Ordering behaviour added. You can set how Sections, Categories and Files will be ordered (by Ordering, Id, Date, Title)
  • New parameters added: Display Number of Documents in Sections and Display Number of Documents in Sections Header



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