One of the latest 5.0.0 Beta versions of Phoca Cart has been released. It is expected to be released soon as a Release Candidate version and then a Stable version.

What's new in version 5.0.0:

Dark theme support

Advanced product batch processing

Watermark and AVIF support

Supported formats: JPG, PNG, WEBP, AVIF

SQL query optimization

Optimized for large number of items (tens of thousands of products, thousands of categories, hundreds of thousands of orders)


Supported multilingual features:
- Phoca Cart Core Multilanguage (NEW)
- Joomla Core Multilanguage
- Falang
- Multilanguage CK
- n3t Language Filter (NEW)

Back in Stock Notification

3 New Cassiopeia Child Templates
‎YOOtheme Pro 4.3 Support

Supported template frameworks:
YOOtheme, Gantry, Helix, T4, Sparky, ...


What needs to be tested?

In this release, the new multi-language feature needs to be tested the most.

Just turn on Joomla multilanguage plugins (or modules) and in Phoca Cart settings turn on multilanguage feature. Then you can enter products and other items in multiple languages.

How to set up a full ecommerce site can be found in this article: Create an e-commerce website using Joomla and Phoca Cart or this video:

The new 3 child Cassiopeia templates (Toys, Beauty, Furniture)  can be used for testing. They be downloaded here:

Download Joomla Child templates

You can download the latest Phoca Cart 5.0.0 Beta version here: Phoca Cart download site

If you have already tested Phoca Cart 5.0.0 Beta, you need to check the database when installing this version. (There is no automatic update of database tables or columns between different Beta versions - changes can be seen in the file: administrator/components/com_phocacart/update/sql/mysql/5.0.0.sql).

If you have any questions or need to report feedback or report a bug, please use the Phoca Forum

Thank you.

Phoca Toys Cassiopeia child template:

Phoca Toys Cassiopeia child template

Phoca Furniture Cassiopeia child template:

Phoca Furniture Cassiopeia child template

Phoca Beauty Cassiopeia child template:

Phoca Beauty Cassiopeia child template