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Category: Phoca Download Component

Go to Components - Phoca Download - Control Panel - Settings:


Settings are available only in Phoca Download running on Joomla! 1.5  . Since Phoca Download 2 (Joomla! 1.6 or newest) settings were moved to Options.
  • Download Folder - Set folder where the files will be saved.
  • Allowed File Types - Set allowed file types (for uploading and downloading of the files).
  • Disallowed File Types - Set disallowed file types (for uploading and downloading of the files).
  • Maximum Upload Size - Set maximum upload size (the upload size can be limited by the server settings too, so if there is some problem with uploading large files, see the php settings).
  • Enable Flash Uploader - You can select more files at once to upload e.g. in Firefox if the Flash Uploader is enabled.
  • Enable User Statistics - Enable or disable saving user statistics data (downloaded files by users)
  • Absolute Path - see Saving files outside public_html folder article


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