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New Features In Phoca Cart 3.4.0

Phoca Cart 3.4.0 Beta has been released. It is Beta version - development version, so it should not be installed and tested on production site. Please, test only on development websites.

What is new and what needs to be tested in Phoca Cart 3.4.0?

1) Product administration was completely overwritten and now Joomla! subforms are used for additional images, attributes, options, specifications, discounts, additional download files and price history items. This means that now all these items can be ordered by drag and drop function.

Additional Images:

Additional Images

Attributes and options:

 Attributes and options







Additional Download Files:

Additional Download Files


Price History:

Price History


 2) There is new feature regarding product downloadable files. Now you can set more than one download file for product.


Additional Download Files - Orders

 Such files can be downloaded by users in frontend in download area or per token links (guest users).


Download area - frontend


3) There is new parameter: File To Play. A file to play can be displayed and played in frontend in item view.


File To Play

4) Just like the frontend, even administration now includes RTL CSS file.

5) Ask a question form can be sent to more email accounts.

6) Labels and tags can be displayed on the same place

Labels and tags

Please test only on development websites and if you find any bug, please report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.

Download Phoca Cart 3.4.0 Beta: Phoca Cart download website.


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