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Wine List In Restaurant

White Wines
0,75 l  Rhine Riesling ...  9,50 €
  World-wide classic variety. Elegant wine with pleasant fresh acidity with aromatic tones resembling lime in blossom, honey, green apples. Try with white meat dishes. Excellent with various salads. Also very good with mild fish.    
0,75 l  Italian Riesling ...  9,90 €
  Easy drinking, pleasant wine with a flowery aroma and spicy acidity. Goes well with pork meat and vegetable salads.    
0,75 l  Rhine Riesling (Selection of grapes) 2006 ...  17,50 €
  Attractive semidry wine with tropical honeyed tones in aroma. Luscious, harmonious, extraordinary, long.    
Classical variety producing rich and aromatic wines. Popular dry here.
0,75 l  Sauvignon Blanc ...  11,50 €
  Always nice and typical bouquet. Aroma of alder flower or green pepper sometimes pronounced grassy/nettle aroma in young wines. Vintage Sauvignons usually have smooth peachy aroma. In certain vintages gooseberry or grapefruit aroma. Try with vegetable salads or strong-flavoured starters. Young Sauvignons can be always good with all kind od seafood.    
0,75 l  Sauvignon Blanc (Late harvest) 2007 ...  16,90 €
  Pleasant nettle type semidry Sauvignon Blanc with vanilla and tangerine aftertaste. Try with Asian cuisine.    
0,75 l  Sauvignon Blanc (selection of grapes) 2006 ...  16,50 €
  Another sample of extraordinary semidry Sauvignon Blanc can boast of typical nettle and goosberry aroma and piquant mineral tones in taste. Top quality wine from excellent vintage 2006. Try with chicken and fish.    
World-famous variety offers here in Moravia nettle, grassy, peachy or exotic Sauvignons often very similar to New Zealand´s classics. Some wines in some vintages have hints of blackcurrent and preserved gooseberry. Acid with tropical tones. Mineral tones.
0,75 l  Traminer ...  9,90 €
  Interesting: the grapes are red, the wine is white. Spicy, aromatic wine with distinctive bouquet. Try with exotic meals or smoked meats.    
0,5 l  Traminer ...  16,50 €
  Semisweet Traminer 2007. Great aroma of honey and raisins. Combination of tropical acidity and natural residual sugar makes the wine very attractive. Tones of ripen peaches and vanilla. Excellent to Chinese meals.    

Typical Traminers from southern part of Znojmo wine region are spicy on palate, hints of roses in nose. Very harmonious. Pleasant residual sugar with hints of raisins.

0,75 l  Gruner Veltliner ...  8,90 €
  Another typical variety for Moravia as well as Austria. Spicy flavour with almondy hints. A good friend for all evening-long drinking. Try with classical Wiener Schnitzel or with vegetable and meat salads.    
0,75 l  Dan Ermite (Gruner Veltliner) ...  12,90 €
  Full, pleasantly aromatic. Very high content of flavonoid. Try with cheese, chicken, fish or vegetable salads.    
Yellow-green berries bring fruity wine with higher acidity and interesting almond flavour. Also like ice wines.
0,75 l  Pinot Blanc ...  9,70 €
  Full-bodied extractive wine popular here as well as in Alsace. Often with a gentle „Botrytis cinerea“ aroma, suggesting an aroma of fresh butter combined with pleasant fruitiness. More piquant with bottle maturity. Ideal with fried goose liver or fried champignons. Fantastic with cheese.    
0,5 l  Pinot Gris ...  16,50 €
  This semisweet wine is very seductive. You can find tones of honey, banana, apricots in nose. Fresh acidity helps to enjoy this wine even more.Try with seafood or pasta.    
Pinot Blanc is a very reliable variety, giving full bodied, fruity and round wines capable of aging well. Pinot Gris has often soft fruity tones in nose. Mineral tones in taste. In non-dry version pleasant residual sugar from ripen grapes. Very harmonious wines. Honeyed, tones of pears. Tropical tones in fresh acidity.
Red Wines
Pinot Noir
0,75 l  Pinot Noir ...  12,90 €
  Smooth tannins and rich body with long smoky aftertaste. Attractive animal tones. Try with game or beef.    
0,75 l  Pinot Noir (Selection of grapes) 2006 ...  17,50 €
  Great and noble Pinot Noir. Imagine nose of dark chocolate, over-ripen cherries, silky tannins, red fruit in long pleasant aftertaste. Try with game or special kinds of cheese.    
Noble Pinot Noir often has nose of dark chocolate, over-ripen cherries, silky tannins, red fruit in long pleasant aftertaste.
0,75 l  Zweigeltrebe 2007 ...  12,50 €
  Smoky tones with dried fruit and soft tannins. Long pleasant aftertaste with dark chocolate tones. Try with mutton or with cheese.    
A crossing between Limberger and Saint Laurent. Lively when young, harmonius and rich when matured. Fresh piquant wine. Chocolate tones in matured wines. Ideal with goulash or red meats.
Saint Laurent
0,75 l  St.Laurent 2007 ...  12,50 €
  Pleasant varietal nose of blue fruit. Fresh acidity, firm body, long aftertaste. Excellent with mutton or strong cheese. High wine extract creates good a condition for aging potential.    
0,75 l  St.Laurent 2006 ...  12,50 €
  Aroma of plum jam and chocolate follows smooth tones of cherries in flavour. Try with chocolate dessert or cheese.    
Popular Central European variety. Wines are full, smooth and dark coloured with soft tannin flavour. Aroma of red fruit and smooth spicy flavour. Often typical fresh acidity.

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