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Phoca Cart Plugins

Payment Plugins

Payment plugins are included in core Phoca Cart component and are installed and published during installation of component. But you can download them and install them manually.

Phoca Cart Payment - Paypal Standard Plugin
Phoca Cart Payment - Cash On Delivery Plugin
Phoca Cart Payment - POS Cash Plugin

Shipping Plugins

Phoca Cart Shipping - Standard Plugin

View Plugins

Phoca Cart View - Default Plugin
Phoca Cart View - Free Shipping Info Plugin
Phoca Cart View - Image Zoom Plugin
Phoca Cart View - Load Description Plugin

Administration Plugins

Phoca Cart Administration - Default Plugin

Feed Plugins

Phoca Cart Feed - Google Merchant Plugin
Phoca Cart Feed - Zboží.cz Plugin
Phoca Cart Feed - Plugin

Layout Plugins

Phoca Cart Layout - Items Restaurant Plugin
Phoca Cart Layout - Category Restaurant Plugin
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