Working with Phoca Install

Category: Phoca Install Component
If you as developer or administrator will create a file which will be a part of Joomla! site and you will need to distribute such file to users, you can modify this component to do this. The file will be stored in installation ZIP package and listed in installation XML file. Users will not have to copy such file or files to the Joomla! site, it will be copied automatically. The same with SQL queries. Users will not have to run SQL query or queries manually e.g. in phpMyAdmin. The SQL query will be executed automatically by this install component. Just install the basic Phoca Install component to see how it works.
Phoca Install component includes a basic XML installation file. In this file there are three parts to modify:

1. <pinstructions><![CDATA[<h1>Instructions</h1><p>Write Instructions here</p>]]></pinstructions> - here you can write instructions for users

2. <psql><![CDATA[SELECT title FROM #__content WHERE id = 1]]></psql> - write SQL queries here, such queries will be (can be) executed while installation of this component

3. <files><filename>installfiles/administrator/components/com_phocainstall/test.txt</filename> ... - write your files here - such files will be copied from "installfiles" folder to destination written after the "installfiles" folder e.g.

Files need to be included in ZIP package in "installfiles" folder.



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