Adding KML file in Phoca Maps

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Adding KML file in Phoca Maps

First, create or download your KML file. Upload this file to phocamapskml folder (this folder is created while installation of Phoca Maps in root of your Joomla! site).

Then set this file in edit view of Maps in administration (Components - Phoca Maps - Maps - [Create|New] - KML File). Set only the name of the filename there (not the whole path). Example:

If you have uploaded file: map.kml to phocamapskml folder, then you will add the following value "map.kml" to KML File form field. Save your modifications.

To display the KML file markers in your map, you need to enable this feature in Parameters (Component) in menu link to your map:

Parameters - Component

Go to Menus » e.g. Main Menu » menu link to Phoca Maps » Parameters (Component):

  • Enable KML File Loading - set if loading a KML file will be allowed or not. If yes, KML file which will be set in Map configuration can be loaded on the site.


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