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Displaying Phoca Download Plugin

Category: Phoca Download Plugin
Add the following code into the article:

Link to Phoca Download Sections

altphocadownload view=sections|text=Sections|target=balt


 Depreciated in Phoca Download 2


Link to Phoca Download Section

altphocadownload view=section|id=3|target=balt


Depreciated in Phoca Download 2


Link to Phoca Download Plugin Category

altphocadownload view=category|id=35|target=balt


Link to Phoca Download File

altphocadownload view=file|id=280alt


See examples, start and close the code with curly braces in your article.

Categories --> phocadownload view=categories|text=Categories|target=s

Category --> phocadownload view=category|id=1|text=Category|target=s

File --> phocadownload view=file|id=3|target=s

Play a file in popup --> phocadownload view=fileplaylink|id=8|playerwidth=328|playerheight=200|playerheightmp3=30

Play a file directly --> phocadownload view=fileplay|id=8|playerwidth=328|playerheight=200|playerheightmp3=30

Preview file --> phocadownload view=filepreviewlink|id=7|previewwidth=640|previewheight=480

List of files --> phocadownload view=filelist|id=1|limit=5

Play a YouTube video --> phocadownload view=youtube|url= 


You can use following attributes:

  • view: (Phoca Download 1) sections|section|category|file|fileplay|fileplaylink|filepreviewlink|youtube
  • view: (since Phoca Download 2)categories|category|filelist|file|fileplay|fileplaylink|filepreviewlink|youtube
  • text: text (title) which will be displayed in the content article as a link
  • id: id of section|category|file
  • target: target of the link (b ... _blank, t ... _top, s ... _self, p ... _parent)
  • playerwidth: width of the player - for playing e.g. flv files
  • playerheight: height of the player
  • playerheightmp3: height of the player in case MP3 file will be played
  • previewwidth: widht of the popup window for previewing the file (PDF)
  • previewheight: height of the popup window for previewing the file
  • youtubewidth: width of the youtube player
  • youtubeheight: height of the youtube player
  • url: link to Youtube video ( example: phocadownload view=youtube|url= )
  • limit: (since Phoca Download 2) uses in filelist view - the list of files can be limited
  • ordering: (since Phoca Download 3.2) ordering in file list can be set

In parameters of this plugin you can set size of icons displayed next to link (16, 32, 64).


When you copy the code from this website, please don't copy the { and }, because these are images. When you add the code to your own article you have to type the { and } yourself. (If it would be typed here, you wouldn't see the code, but the links). Don't use line breaks for the code. The code should be added without any line breaks into the editor.
If you are using SEF, be sure, you have created menu link to Phoca Download so the article links can get Itemid from this menu link.
Access Rights - Access rights are not checked in the plugin, so if e.g. user has no access to some file and you will add the link to this file into the article, user can click on this link but no file will be displayed (downloaded)



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