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Creating Menu Link

Category: Phoca Download Component

When you set your files and categories in Phoca Download component, you need to create a menu link to Phoca Download to display the categories and/or files on your website.

You can create menu link to different views.

Go to: Menu - Main menu (e.g.) - Add New Menu Item. Select Phoca Download from Select Menu Item Type.

You can select following views:

  • Download View - this view displays link of file to download (File which is accessible by unique download URL)
  • File View - this view displays details of a file
  • List Of Categories (Categories View) - This view displays list of categories - this is the default view
  • List of Files (Category View) - this view displays list of files
  • User Upload - this view displays User Upload

Select the view and save the menu link (if required, select category - e.g. in List of Files view).

Now your downloadable files will be accessible in frontend per newly created menu link.

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